Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scrappin' About.....

I used the above kit "Spring Pollen" by Mandy Mystiques! Again loveeeeeee Mandy's stuff!

This is a Nit Wit Collection called "Goin' Banana's" adore her stuff as well!

And another by Mandy! this is one of her newer kits called "Monkey Business". It fit's Levon so well I think! LOL

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Passion

I finally made a new kit! WOOHOO! I hope you all enjoy it. It has 10 papers and 45 different elements. Summer Passion will be available for free until August 10th 2008.

Download links have expired, sorry!

If you would like to purchase Summer Passion please send 2.50USD to at

Be sure to put in the subject line which kit you would like, I will then send the links to you via email you paid with, within 24 hours. Thanx!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Some more scrap pages

For this page I used "Seascape" by Lindsay Jane! I love Lindsay's stuff!
Another one by Lindsay, this kit is called "Breath of Spring".
This was done using my kit called "Star Crazy". Probably the most popular kit I have made so far.
And last but not least another by Mandy Mystiques! This one was done using her original Cotton Candy kit which is now retired.

Scrap Pages I have created

I made this layout using a kit by Flergs called "About a Boy".

I used "Snazzy Boy" by Mandy Mystiques for this page! I love Mandy Mystiques!

This one was done with a kit called "Fancy Pants" By Pineapple Plantation.

And this one was done with my kit called "No Boys allowed".

New to blog spot!

I am new to Blogspot and I already love it! I was on another blog but it was always so slow for me, it was like pulling teeth trying to make changes and add things and the dash board was just a mess so I decided to move, I am glad I picked blog spot, so far so good! Since I moved and got a new home and since I am fairly new I decided to give my blog a new name as well. Something my own name is incooperated into. Feel free to leave me comments and be sure to check back because I frequently have new kits to give away and other little goodies. :)

Kay Miller

I love Kay Miller's designs! I love them so much the elements used to create my logo are from one of her fabulous kits! So I'd like to say thanx to Kay for making all these beautiful elements for us scrappers to use. :)

Kits for purchase

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above kits please send 2.50US through for each kit to I will then send you the download links within 24 hours to the email you provide with Paypal. Please be sure to put in the subject line which kit/s you are purchasing.

Pooh Bear and friends

Yes, I made more stickers! I hope you enjoy using them, after all everyone loves pooh bear and friends!

Original outlines belong to their respective holders.

Skull Charm

So it was asked if I could do something like this and so here it is, a skull charm on a chain. In the download you will receive the skull on the chain and just the skull by itself. I thought it turned out pretty neat, it's done in silver and has a metallic shine to it. Enjoy!

Baby Dragons!

I thought these sketches were so cute so I made some stickers out of them for Digital Scapbooking, like the Peanuts stickers all I started with was a rough sketch of each Dragon and added everything else. I hope you enjoy using them in your projects. :)

Download link -

The Peanuts!

As a little girl I always loved the Peanuts, it was my favorite and I remember watching those movies over and over again, espesh Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, which to this day I would sit down and watch over and over - probably lol. Anyways I came up with these stickers for Digital Scrapbooking, all I started with was a rough sketch of each character and did everything else to bring these classic characters to life. After Pigpen I felt like cutting my arm off, dirty little brat he is! lol. I hope you enjoy using them! :)

I know it says there are 10 stickers but there are actually 12, I included 2 surprise stickers just for fun. :)

Original outlines belong to their respective holders.


I've had a lot of requests for these. Everyone seems to love the Butterflies so here are 8 different colored Butterflies for your scrapbooking. I hope you like them and have fun using them!

Silver Charms

There are 8 charms in all, 6 on chains, 1 moon, star, heart, flower, butterfly and celtic sun, atleast that's what it looks to me anyways lol. Then there are also a princess crown and prince crown. Hope you like them!

Download them here -